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iThis site is still under construction (aren't they all?) and I'll add to it as and when time permits and I find the enthusiasm. For starters, here's a very brief resumé:

Born 1949, Aberdeen

School: Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton 1961-1968 (School House - ie a boarder)

University: Civil Engineering at Simon Engineering Laboratories, Manchester University, Graduated 1972

Post Graduate Diploma: DMS, Manchester Polytechnic 1983

Career: Design engineer working on roads, sewers, structures and airfield pavements. Then I became the Direct Labour Organisation Manager for Manchester’s street lighting. Continuing as a DLO manager I moved to Salford's Highway Services DLO and then in 1998 became Chief Engineer for the City as well.

So -

My final position was Head of Engineering and Highways for the City of Salford.

I retired on 31st March 2004.

My multiple sclerosis was a secret for 23 years but finally got too obvious and was affecting my work. I did the decent thing and retired.

Oh, somewhere along the way I also became a Chartered Civil Engineer and a statutory member of the Institute of Management. I still retain those qualifications and maybe I’ll find a way of using them again some day.

Now (2011) my MS is getting quite nasty so retirement isn't as much fun as I'd like it to be.

It's April 2012 and the MS carries  on  getting worse. 

I can only walk about 40 yards now.  It takes about 15-20 minutes and I can only do it once a day.
It's pretty painful too, but what else can you do?

February 2014 now and I can only walk about 8 yards once a day.

February 2015 and the walking's nearly over now.  About twice a week I'll try to do 4 yards but I'll usually need Margaret's help.

15th February 2016 now and I can no longer walk at all.  I took my last few steps a year ago on 27th February 2015.
I can still stand (i.e. my legs are still load-bearing) but I can't move my feet.



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