The NHS is supposed to pay the full cost of  care if the primary reason for needing care is medical.

We all get old though and most of us will need a little help.  We may even end up choosing to live in a care home with others doing things for us.
We all know we should save for our old age and be able to cover these costs.
But if we haven't, the local authority will cover the cost after carrying out a means test on us.

Moral of the tale?
Live in rented housing and spend all your money in the boozer.  That way, the state will have to pay when you get old and need help.  You'll have no money in the bank and no house to sell.
You'll lose your self respect, but you won't lose your money ... you haven't got any!
That's the welfare state.

If you fall ill - cancer, stroke, dementia, Parkinson's, etc., etc., it's  different matter - or should be.
Remember National Insurance?
You paid in your contributions and you're insured against the consequences of falling ill, right?
The NHS is free at the point of delivery and there's no means testing.

If you need help because you have a medical condition, the NHS is supposed to pay for it.
You might need the help at home, or in a care home, or in a nursing home.  It doesn't matter where you are, all that matters is that you need the help because you have a medical condition.

The NHS may pay part of the cost of your care or it may pay the total cost.  If you are only in a care home or nursing home because your medical condition prevents you from living in your own home, the NHS is supposed to pay the total cost.

You might have to fight to exercise your rights though.

Here's a useful website:
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Or how about a leaflet produced by the Royal College of Nursing and Age Concern?
Here's their guidance:

RCN Age Concern